The Hungarian Film Orchestra was formed to provide Hollywood level recordings for both film productions and record producers at a fraction of the price it wold cost to record the same material in more established markets.

The idea of a custom Hungarian film orchestra started thanks to a collaboration in 2014 between  American film composer Andrew Kaiser and Hungarian composer Ambrus Deak, and the concept came to fruition shortly after Deak moved to Los Angeles and joined Kaiser's company: '405 Music, LLC' as a Creative Director. 

The 405 Music Collective was built on the concept of creating more authentic music for productions, so real orchestral recording  seemed like a great idea.  After looking into several options in the Los Angeles area, however, the team realized it needed to find a solution elsewhere that was more affordable. 

....and that's how the idea came about.

The official Hungarian Film Orchestra project got its start as a collaboration between the Hungarian composer/engineer Tamas Karoly, Kaiser and Deak. Kaiser and Deak were looking to get Hollywood level instrumentalists at prices they could afford for smaller projects. Karoly, an established composer and experienced engineer, was the perfect person to make the project happen. 

Now this group of friends is turning this collaboration into a business to help other composers and producers in a similar situation: top gear, top players, and a management team that has both the experience and the dedication to provide a Hollywood Session player experience at a fraction of the price.  

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